We provide our customers with high-quality service by investing in innovation, continuous improvement, and technology, and training and development./

As the market leader in logistics intelligence solutions, we work to achieve excellence and believe that quality must permeate everything we do.

To achieve excellence and full customer satisfaction, we perform periodic surveys that measure the quality of and satisfaction with the services we provide, we monitor our performance using indicators, and we perform internal audits.


Comfrio was the first refrigerated logistics company in Brazil to implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a global food safety standard. The program identifies critical control points in logistics operations through analysis of potential chemical, physical and microbiological contamination hazards inherent to products. Following the analysis, a detailed plan is developed specifying action to mitigate existing risks and ensure that products’ organoleptic properties are preserved.


We also have extensive expertise with the Federal Inspection Service (S.I.F.), a surveillance system operated by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply that assesses the quality of both food and nonfood animal products.