We ensure our customers’ products are stored with utmost perfection and as required by each product. We are prepared to handle dry goods (stored at ambient temperature) and climate-controlled (8to 20° C), chilled (0 to 8° C), frozen (-12 to -18°C) and super-frozen (less than -18° C) goods.


Our facilities maintain product quality and all handling is effectively temperature-managed using statistical process control (SPC). State-of-the-art refrigeration systems control the relative air humidity in refrigerated rooms to preserve special products such as chocolates and seeds.


As specialists in customized solutions, we design our facilities to meet customers’ requirements and provide cold room layouts suited to a range of services including drive-in and conventional pallet racking, shelving and tank farms.


We are chilling and freezing specialists and know exactly how to handle each individual product. Our drive-in freezing tunnel systems, the first in Brazil, ensure total product quality and integrity for our customers.


Robust refrigeration systems at our distribution centers – such as freezing tunnels and cold rooms – ensure products are chilled and frozen in accordance with customer requirements. We use metallic separators in all operations for a quick freezing and chilling cycle andenhanced food security.


Facilities strategically located near major consumer centers drive cost efficiencies in cross-docking operations.


Operations intelligence ensures we provide optimal solutions for customers requiring advanced distribution locations. We provide siting recommendations for greenfield projects, offer specialist labor, precise temperature control and complete antechamber and loading dock infrastructure to handle large volumes of products quickly and efficiently.


Obsessed with efficiency, we provide complete traceability across the logistics chain, from vehicle arrival to delivery at our customers’ locations. This is ensured by our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and electronic delivery tracking using our Transportation Management System (TMS).


We operate countrywide, offering cargo pooling and fleet management services as well as transportation to and between distribution centers.


In line with our full commitment to customers, we offer the food service industry improved purchasing management solutions that optimize costs and inventory management. We deliver this through demand planning, supplier development, distribution center stock management, and by actively participating in product development.


We deliver superior results by applying inventory management solutions to manage warehoused goods using controls and traceability systems to track shelf life, batch numbers and other relevant information.


All units have advanced order picking and on-receipt product separation systems providing tailored, high-quality services, including case picking services. Barcode readers integrated with our WMS system ensure reliability, traceability and quick access to the status of transactions made on our web portal.


We operate in full conformity to the most stringent international requirements. For export products, especially products bound for the European Union, complete traceability is provided using internationally accepted coding systems, case by case, product by product.


We offer customized, coordinated in-house operations at our customers’ plants and distribution centers. Our services ensure efficiency and continuous improvement to allow our customers to focus on their core business while we handle the integrated logistics process.


Our Customer Service operation provides market-leading service to our customers, from restaurants to stores to food service operators.


Customer service is provided from our Jarinu site in the State of São Paulo. All orders are received via the Internet through a system providing tools to query order histories, as well as product recommendations.


We also manage complaints, communicate about inventories and special offers, and provide the management intelligence needed for customer-focused service with excellence.


We offer a range of complementary services and facilities that build trust, safety and excellence for our customers. These include:


  • Product quality audits
  • Technical audits on customer vehicles
  • A customer support center (offices available at our units)
  • E-commerce
  • Internationalization (printing and tagging)
  • Palletizing
  • Cargo insurance