Comfrio is Brazil’s leading cold logistics intelligence provider for the food and agribusiness supply chain. We develop intelligent logistics solutions ranging from seed distribution through agribusiness to foodservice, with a commitment to deliver positive results for our customers through superior quality of service.

To achieve this, our focus is on excellence and competence. Our company name, in fact, derives from a combination of the word competence with the Portuguese word for ‘cold’ (frio).


In recent years, our company has grown in service volume, customers and business. We have become Brazil’s largest cold logistics operator, with business units in all regions of the country and 1,500 employees.


Since 2011 we have been a constituent of the portfolio of Aqua Capital, a private equity fund investing in the agribusiness and food industries. In 2014, with AgroMerchants joining us as shareholders, we gained further expertise in best cold logistics practices globally. Also in 2014, Stocktech joined our company in an acquisition that expanded our cold chain portfolio and added further expertise to our in-house distribution center operations.


A pioneering company, Comfrio was the first refrigerated logistics company in Brazil to implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a global food safety standard that uniquely positions us to operate in our industry.


Our team’s differentiators include its depth of knowledge about the logistics industry and belonging to a company that believes in valuing people and providing opportunities for individuals to develop to their maximum potential.


Social responsibility at Comfrio begins with our internal stakeholders: we work to engage our employees’ families by supporting education, such as by sponsoring school material purchases for our employees.


In the environmental dimension, we develop energy efficiency projects and green construction standards as part of our upgrade and expansion projects. Examples of this include the use of LED light fixtures and certified wood.


Underpinned by our commitment to customers, we act with integrity and are obsessed with efficiency and delivering superior results.

That is how we look after Brazil’s food supply.

Welcome to COMFRIO.